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About Us

Bescheinen Family Furniture - over 70 Years of Dedicated Service

Bescheinen Family Furniture has a proud tradition of quality streching back over more than sixty years. The word FAMILY has a special meaning to us. We are truly a family business. For the last sixty years countless people from all over the US have become loyal customers. Bescheinen Family Furniture had it's beginnings in a small town, east of Jefferson City, Missouri, Loose Creek in 1946.

Hubert and Pauline Bescheinen were the founders of Bescheinen Family Furniture.  Hubert had just returned from the military service and the demand for new technology in the 50's such as radios, appliances and television was great. Expansion and changes to meet consumer needs were in progress. The 50's also introduced an extensive display of home furnishings.

Hubert's sons later began to seek interest in the business. Marvin entered the business in 1972, and Steven in 1980.  1991 saw the opening of a second location in Versailles, Missouri offering a wonderful selection of furniture and appliances.

Today the Bescheinen Family continues to adapt to the needs of the community and greater lake area. There were many changes in the first 60 years of business.  Many more are likely to occur in the future, just to meet our customers needs.  We will always have the promise of value, quality and service . Even now third generation Aaron Bescheinen, in charge of general operations, is delivering that promise to your home!